10 Fall Skirt Outfits We’ll Definitely Be Copying This Season

I’m all about skirts—seriously. I think I wear my denim one at least once a week. With so many styles and trends that have popped up this year, skirts really have become a go-to in my wardrobe. I’m sure they have also become pretty popular in your closet too. But as the weather gets colder, I’m starting to worry about how I’ll transition my beloved skirts to fall. Thankfully, our College Fashionista community members are coming in clutch with the most amazing skirt #OOTD inspo… [Read More]

What to Wear to a Football Game That’s Not Another Spirit Wear Shirt

Let’s take a moment to list all the amazing things about fall: back-to-school shopping, cozy seasonal scented candles, and of course, football games. There’s nothing that screams fall more than game day on a college campus. As we make our way through the semester, most of us have every home game marked in our calendars. It doesn’t matter if you’re the world’s biggest sports fan or if you have no idea what the difference between a field goal and a touchdown is. There’s just something about football season that’s so exciting… [Read More]

The Fashion Lessons I’ve Learned From Spending a Summer in New York City

I was wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers when I received a life-changing email letting me know that I’d been offered my dream internship in New York City. TBH, I was wearing that same outfit formula when I interviewed over the phone for said position. It was also the outfit I wore when I packed all my things into a minivan and drove halfway across the country, the outfit I wore for my first full day in NYC and honestly, the outfit I’ve worn most days of my life. 

It’s not that I’m not obsessed with fashion (trust me, I am), but my go-to outfit formula has always been what I’m most comfortable in so I repeat it day in and day out. However, when I learned that I’d be moving to New York for a fashion internship, I decided I needed to up my #OOTD game… [Read More]

The Back to School Denim Trend Your Zodiac Sign is Begging You to Try

August is here and with it comes our beloved back-to-school season. As it becomes time to head back to campus, there are plenty of things worth consulting your horoscope for. While checking to see if you and your cute new lab partner’s signs are compatible is a given, take this month to also channel your zodiac through your outfits. However, there’s no need to devote your whole back-to-school shopping spree to what’s spelled out in your monthly horoscope. Instead, take one item on your list and pick up a piece that matches the characteristics of your sign—like denim, the ultimate back-to-school staple… [Read More]

7 Scarf-As-A-Top Outfits to Get You Through the Last Few Weeks of Summer

At this point, my mind is 99.9% focused on fall fashion. I’m just as excited for oversize denim and sweater weather as you are—if not more. But, as I’ve been prepping to pack away my shorts and sundresses for the season, there’s a tiny little part of me that can’t stop thinking about what to wear during these last few blistering hot weeks of August. 

Enter: the silk scarf. No matter how you knot it, a silky scarf worn as a top is the chicer alternative to the tube-tops we’ve all been crushing on this summer but it’s still just as easy to throw (okay, more like tie) on during a hot day… [Read More]

Live Out Your Cheetah Girl Dream This Summer With These Fierce Animal Print Looks

Ever since the Cheetah Girls took to the streets of Barcelona during my most beloved Disney Channel Original Movie way back in 2006, I’ve been a big believer in the fierce print. While you won’t find me wearing hot pink, animal-print tracksuits a la Raven Symoné, I still have multiple leopard print pieces scattered throughout my wardrobe to this day. Thankfully, animal print is making a huge comeback this fall and I am here for it… [Read More]

Back to School Makeup Looks that Will Make Your First Week a Breeze

TBH, the only thing I enjoy about first-week-of-school prep is planning my daily looks—I’d just rather think about my outfit than read a stack of syllabi. This semester, I’m focusing on more than just my first day #OOTD—I’m planning the week’s looks from head-to-toe. From envious glowing skin to shiny teal eyeshadow, I’m so obsessed with our Community Members’ beauty looks that I’m using them as inspiration this back to school season… [Read More]

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Steals Our Community Members Can’t Wait to Get Their Hands On

Raise your hand if you think the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale should be a national holiday (trust me, I’m raising mine). It’s arguably one of the best sales in fashion, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t not-so-patiently anticipate it each year—it’s just so good. As usual, this year did not disappoint, but for the past week, only those lucky Nordstrom card holders have had access to the incredible deals. However, that all changes today. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the general public—so run don’t walk to your nearest store or head over to their website before August fifth… [Read More]

I Wore the Same Shirt to My Internship Three Days in a Row and Lived to Tell the Tale

I’m going to be completely honest with you all—I am a serial outfit repeater. Whenever I put an outfit together that I really love, it’s hard for me to wear the pieces in any other way. So, I rewear and rewear and rewear that outfit until my friends ask me if I own any other clothes (thanks for holding me accountable, guys). But, because of my horrible outfit repeating habit, there are so many great pieces in my wardrobe that never reach their full potential—and that needs to change. 

This summer, whenever I think about rewearing a look I wore the previous week, I try to push myself to come up with a different way to wear those pieces instead. It’s been tricky, but I’m starting to realize how versatile my wardrobe can actually be. In that spirit, I decided to force myself to create a workweek’s worth of outfits using one key piece—my favorite white blouse. The real challenge: I had to rewear the same shirt every day without repeating anything else… [Read More]

Your July Style Horoscope Has Arrived: These are the Sunglasses You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

I don’t know about you, but I blame everything on my horoscope. I’m having the worst hair day of my life? Mercury is in retrograde. My best friend books a weekend trip to visit me? Our signs are extra compatible today. I have a surprisingly large amount of cheetah print in my wardrobe? I’m a Leo, duh. Lately I’ve gotten really into channeling my zodiac sign through what I wear—but that doesn’t mean I wear my leopard print bell bottoms every day of the week. 

Take sunnies, for example. By matching the characteristics of your star sign to a pair of sunglasses, you can dip your toes into the waters of zodiac dressing without rethinking your whole look… [Read More]

The Trends Our UK-Based Community Members Can’t Stop Wearing This Summer

The UK has brought me so many good things—Harry Potter, which consumed my middle school life, the beautiful boys of One Direction who are still consuming my life, and of course, a royal family to live vicariously through (Meghan Markle, I’m talking about you). But one of the Brit’s greatest gifts is London and all the fashion inspiration packed inside… [Read More]

31 Quick Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate Before Move-In Day

Once I decided where I’d be going to college one of the things I was most excited to do was find a roomie. I was so excited to have someone to coordinate dorm decor with, someone to hit up our dining hall’s late night with, someone to have dance parties with during study breaks, and someone to be my built-in BFF. However, as I began my roommate search, I realized finding a person that would be all those aforementioned things (and someone I knew I could coexist with in a tiny dorm room) was harder than I expected. After scrolling through my school’s freshman Facebook page, stalking potential roomies on social media, and sliding into their DMs, I learned that the key to this whole process is asking really good questions… [Read More]

11 Festive Fourth of July Outfits That Don’t Involve a Single American Flag T-Shirt

When I was a kid, my mom used to dress my three younger brothers and me in matching American flag shirts for the Fourth of July each year. Sure, it was cute and definitely patriotic, but now that I’m older, twinning with the bros in basic T-shirts isn’t exactly my idea of fashion. However, as a lover of the Fourth (it’s the best day of the year, IMHO) I’m not going to let my 4OJ ‘fit be any less festive. There are so many ways to rock red, white, and blue without looking like Uncle Sam himself—and chances are you already have the pieces you need in your closet… [Read More]

Here’s What 6 Community Members are Wearing Abroad in Italy

I don’t know about you, but I feel like every single person I know is abroad this summer. Each time I scroll through Instagram it feels like all I see are pictures of my friends living their best lives in Europe. While I love a good gelato shot or a landscape of a breathtaking view, the photos I always end up bookmarking are my followers’ best abroad #OOTDs. I knew I had to share all the European style inspiration floating around in the College Fashionista community—but where would I even begin? After polling Community Members to find where they were spending their summers, one beautiful country by the Mediterranean proved to be the most popular destination. Now that they’re living in one of the fashion capitals of the world (and the home of all the carbs), our Italy-based Community Members had plenty to say about the trends they saw popping up around their summer home. Grab your passports—we’re going on an Italian fashion tour… [Read More]

How to Wear Checkered Vans, No Matter Your Personal Style

I’ve loved the look of  Vans checkerboard slip-ons for as long as I can remember—the bold print and slip on style are enough to make my ’90s baby and former Avril Lavigne fangirl heart swoon. However, since the sneakers are so unanimous with skater culture and I certainly cannot skateboard (that is way too much coordination for me, thank you very much), I was always hesitant to purchase a pair. But last summer I finally pushed all my worries aside, bought a pair of the checkered slip-ons, and haven’t looked back. I’ve realized these kicks are so much more versatile than I ever could have imagined, and I’ve noticed so many more people hopping on to the skate-inspired trend. Even if your style icon is as far from Tony Hawk as can be, I guarantee there’s a way to incorporate these shoes into your everyday look… [Read More]

Here’s What Our Community is Wearing Around NYC This Summer

I’ve lived in New York for just under a month, but I can already tell that this city is shaping my personal style. No matter where I look, I find endless #OOTD inspiration—everyone in this city is ridiculously stylish. The best outfit inspo I’ve found so far, though, has been straight from my fellow College Fashionista Community Members. And luckily, through The CF Clubhouse, I’ve been able to get inspired by their looks nonstop since I arrived… [Read More]

9 All White Outfit Ideas That Are Anything But Intimidating

Summer is finally here, and with the sunshine comes endless outfit possibilities and a whole rainbow of colorful looks to choose from. However, one of my favorite shades to wear is plain ol’ white. There’s something so refreshing and effortless about a crisp white top or a pair of white mom jeans, but wearing the hue from head to toe can be scary… [Read More]

The Next Trend to Try This Summer Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a horoscope app (or two) on your phone and you check it first thing every morning. Even if my horoscope isn’t 100% accurate, I constantly find myself comparing my daily actions to characteristics of my zodiac sign and saying things like “Oh, that was so Leo of me.” Lately, I’ve tried to channel my sign as I pick my outfit each day and tbh, it’s helped me create some of my best looks… [Read More]

The Memorial Day Sales You Don’t Want to Sleep On

There’s a lot to love about Memorial Day; the extra long weekend, spending time with family and friends, the unofficial kickoff of summer, and finally being able to wear white without breaking one of fashion’s biggest rules (not that we don’t wear white year round… shhh). While Memorial Day weekend is a great time to relax and reset, fashion girls also know it’s also one of the best shopping holidays of the year… [Read More]

Six Students on How They Found Their Mentor

Since the beginning, the fashion industry has been dotted with pairs of mentors and mentees—Christian Dior severed as a mentor to Yves Saint Laurent, Vera Wang worked under Ralph Lauren in her early days, and Tory Burch cites Anna Wintour as her mentor. The benefits of having someone to guide you and confide in during your first years in the industry are essential, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of the biggest names in fashion history to have a mentor… [Read More]

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving to New York

There’s something about New York—maybe the constant hustle and bustle, the dazzling skyline, or the seemingly endless opportunities—that make it such a desirable place to live. Living in New York may seem like a dream come true, but it can be a terrifying move, especially as a recent college grad… [Read More]

Refresh Your Dorm Room With These 25 Under-$50 Decorations

We’ve reached a point in the school year where it seems like everything could benefit from hitting the refresh button. After a jam-packed semester, we’re all on the hunt for new inspiration to surround ourselves with. And sometimes, the best place to start adding new inspiration to is the space we call home… [Read More]

What 5 Students Learned From Taking a Gap Year

Taking a gap year is not an easy decision. For many, it’s largely unknown territory, making it a difficult thing to commit to—especially since it can potentially impact your finances, your career, and countless other aspects of your life. However, it doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. In fact, many students refer to it as one of the best decisions they’ve ever made… [Read More]

Spring Break Outfits to Take on Your Beach Vacation

With spring break right around the corner, I’m dreaming of sun and sea—but in the midst of midterms, packing for my vacation is the last thing on my mind. When I’m in a rush, I’m often tempted to just throw all my swimsuits in a suitcase and call it a day, but with an entire week of freedom in a beautiful destination, I definitely plan on having plenty of spring break moments beyond the beach too. That’s precisely why my packing list needs to include more than just a bikini—and why I put together these easy outfits to wear for every occasion… [Read More]

We Asked Students in Cold Cities for Their Moisturizer Recommendations

Winter makes my skin feel all sorts of ways, but “good” certainly isn’t one of them. Below-zero temps and whipping winds leave it screaming for some much-needed TLC all winter long. If you’re like me and unsure where to begin your search for intense hydration that will heal your face… [Read More]

The Truth About French Fashion Cliches

It’s no secret that the fashion world is a fan of French-girl style. The effortless yet timelessly chic vibes associated with Parisian fashion are envied by many—just check the internet. While many websites suggest buying certain pieces that are French-girl favorites, there are often many clichés involved. After completing some extensive research, I’ve compiled a list of items that I wanted to review with  Anna McLaughlin, a College Fashionista community member studying fashion in Paris. In an effort to find out what Parisians actually wear, she’s breaking down eight of the most well-known clichés of French style… [Read More]

Yes, You Can Pull Off a Jumpsuit in the Winter

We can’t deny that jumpsuits are having a major moment right now. But since they are a head-to-toe look and their wearability in the winter can be questionable, these pieces can often seem somewhat daunting to pull off at first. However, with some creative thinking and a little styling, this trend can be surprisingly versatile… [Read More]

What I Wish I’d Known Before I Joined a Sorority

At schools across the country, winter sorority recruitment season has already begun. Many potential new members (also known as PNMs) have already committed to Greek life while others research potential sororities to join. Can’t decide on whether to join a sorority? To get some insight on how Greek life impacts your college experience, we asked five students what they wish they knew before they joined a sorority… [Read More]

What to Wear to Every Type of Rush Event

There may be plenty of questions racing through your mind as you prepare for sorority recruitment, but fashion lovers know the first question is always “What will I wear?” We know the power of a killer first impression—especially when you only have five minutes to impress someone, as is the case during the craziness of rush. While some schools are nice enough to give out guidelines on what to wear during recruitment, not everyone is so lucky. But don’t worry—if that’s the case for you, we’ve got your back. Paired with your dazzling personality, these outfits will have you ready for whatever the week throws at you… [Read More]