College Fashionista Author Portal– This page directs readers to every article I’ve had published via College Fashionista.

Enough with the Beauty Standard; Fashion Media has a Duty to Promote Body Positivity– An essay I wrote arguing that the fashion media industry has an ethical duty to promote body positivity and work to remove the idea of one set standard of beauty.

Op Ed Final Kate Day– A opinion piece I wrote for my journalism class discussing the attention #metoo has brought to stigmas regarding mental health.

Social Media Curation

As Public Relations for my sorority I manage our social media accounts, primarily Instagram and Tumblr.

Art & Photography

Hot Off the Press: An Independent Art Study– As a high school senior, I took a year long independent study course and produced a concentration that focused on the artistry of fashion advertisements.

Photography 101 Final Project; Denim Campaign- I styled, shot and edited these photos so that they felt like a vintage denim campaign.