Glossier Makeup Ranked

I am, by absolutely no means, a makeup guru. I’m hesitant to even call myself a makeup lover because I truly have no idea what I’m doing when I start my routine each morning. The thought of putting on eyeliner or eyeshadow is daunting because nine times out of ten, I end up looking like […]

2020 Moodboard

I’m certainly one for setting goals. I love to write something down, track my progress, and ultimately check it off one of my many, many lists. So, as you may assume, I’m usually pretty big on New Year’s Resolutions. However, this year setting goals similar to the ones I usually set like “eat better” or […]

Chanel’s Next Chapter

A wave of anticipation rushed over showgoers as they filed into the Grand Palais for Virginie Viard’s debut Chanel haute couture collection—just as one anticipates turning the page to a new chapter of a book. As expected, the venue was unrecognizably transformed, this time into a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s Rue de Cambon […]

Cheetah Print Pants and a Very Unfortunate China Town Wipe-Out

Ever heard the phrase beauty is pain? These pants live up to that. It’s not that they’re uncomfortable—actually they’re the opposite, I found these babies for $5 on an H&M clearance rack and I’m almost positive they’re pajama bottoms. However, they’re just the tiniest a bit long. I was careful about them all day. I […]

Spotted at the Met

Spotted: Kate Day on the rooftop of the Met making an absolute scene to get the perfect shot. Keep reading for an NYC adventure worthy look.


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