The Anatomy of an All Black Outfit

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When I’m getting ready in the morning, nine times out of ten my motto is “all black everything.” I love the moody sophistication of the color black and I’ve got a closet full of neutrals to prove it. I’m certainly not alone in my love for all black, some of my favorite fashion bloggers like Aimee Song and Mary Lawless Lee frequently rock the chic shade giving me major #ootd inspo.

But even I, someone who considers head-to-toe black her uniform, know that monochromatic dressing can get a little blah. Wearing the same color repeatedly in fresh and exciting new ways can be a challenge. However, after years of basically only wearing one color, I’ve created a list of three things that make up the anatomy of an interesting all black outfit.

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  1. Elements. It’s all about layers, the more individual pieces you’re wearing the better. More elements means more interest so of course your head-to-toe black look is going to be a snooze if you’ve just thrown on a similarly hued tee and jeans combo and called it a day! For this look, I popped on four black pieces; booties, jeans, a sweater and, the star of the show, my leather jacket. Because there are multiple elements to my outfit, it’s visually interesting regardless of the fact that it’s all one color.
  2. Texture. Texture is what takes each individual element of a look and makes it interesting on its own. While playing with different textures can work well for any outfit, it’s especially important for monochromatic ensembles because again, more texture means more interest. In this look I have four elements with four different textures; suede booties, denim jeans, a knit turtleneck, and a leather jacket. Bonus points for the fur collar!
  3. Details. The nitty gritty, tiny details are the final step in elevating an entirely black look to something fashion-forward. While elements and texture work to wrap up the outfit, details are the shiny bow on top so, the more details the more interest (I’m hoping you’ve noticed the theme by now). For this look I decided to coordinate the detail of all of my accessories. My gold earrings match my gold nose ring which matches my gold belt buckle which matches the gold studs on my shoes. It’s the little things, ladies.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

With those tips in mind, I’m trusting you to nail your next all black ensemble. Looks like my work here is done.

*insert hair flip like the above picture*


Kate Day

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