A Little Life Update & Xo, Kate Day’s First Birthday!


These are always the hardest posts to start, the ones after I’ve been away from my blog for a bit. I get so excited to get back into blogging but the second I sit down to write, the words just don’t come out as naturally as they usually do. I get so frustrated that I put it off for a day, then another, then another, until days later, something finally motivates me to write.

Today I found that motivation. I received a notification from WordPress that a year ago, I started Xo, Kate Day. I instantly started thinking about all the amazing memories my blog has brought me in the past year; photoshoots with some of my best friends, buying my domaine, and redesigning and relaunching my blog on my 19th birthday just to name a few! There’s been so many moments in the past year that have reminded me that blogging is something I could literally do forever so I knew I had to write something to celebrate Xo, Kate Day’s first trip around the sun.

I want to start by thanking all of you for being so supportive. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog. And thank you to those who have liked, commented, or shared a post, it seems like the simplest thing but it has driven so much traffic to my blog. A very special thank you to my mom, for being my number one fan and for reading each post with me over the phone before it goes live to catch every single typo. And I can’t forget my BFFs. Thanks for gassing me up when I think I look kinda weird in a photo (extra thanks to Mak and Cami for taking 99.9% of my photos), for nagging me when I haven’t blogged in awhile and for telling literally anything with ears about my blog. It’s such a cool feeling to share something you’re so passionate about and have it be so well-received by people you love and by complete strangers so I really cannot thank all of you enough for your support over the past year.

Secondly, I wanted to give y’all a little life update because it feels like I’ve been gone FOREVER. This semester was my hardest yet. I wrote over 40 papers and had infinitely more breakdowns in the library while stress-eating chocolate chip muffins and Cheetos (college is tough, you gotta cope somehow) but I made it through and got the grades I wanted while balancing my third semester of writing for College Fashionista and a newfound social life. My Freshman year at Loyola, I made the mistake of not getting that involved. This year I joined a sorority and it has completely changed my college experience! I’ve been crazy busy, but I’ve had so much fun!

While all of this is super exciting, there are three huge highlights that have been amazing opportunities for me that will continue to grow in 2018. So without further ado, a little life update.

  1. College Fashionista- Feature Editorial Fellow! I am returning for my fourth (which is crazy omg!!!) semester with CF. I spent my first two semesters as a Style Guru, my third as an Editorial Fellow, and now I will be writing FEATURES to be read on College Fashionista’s website. There are not words to describe how grateful I am for this opportunity. My year with CF has helped me to not only build a portfolio of published writing samples but it has also helped me find my voice as a journalist. I am so excited to continue that growth, to ask the big questions and to write the big stories, and to push myself out of my comfort zone and cover things outside of my usual realm.
  2. Alpha Sigma Alpha- Public Relations Chairwoman! As I mentioned earlier, I joined a sorority in September. ASA has brought countless amazing people into my life and it has also brought me so many opportunities to grow as a leader. I was elected to be our PR Chair in November and it’s been so much fun already. Since I ultimately want to have a career in the Public Relations industry, being PR Chair has given me a tiny little sneak peak at what I hope to be doing for the rest of my life. It has also been a great way to get to know my new sisters and get even more involved in my sorority. It’s crazy to me that I went from thinking that never in a million years would I rush to being so passionate and invested in the srat life.
  3. The Chicago Marathon 2018! If we’re being honest, the magnitude of this opportunity hasn’t really set in yet. “I’m running a marathon” I’ll say with a laugh but when I really think hard about the fact that in October, I will spend 5ish hours running 26.2 miles, I get pretty nervous. I entered the marathon drawing not really expecting to get a spot, but here I am and I have 10 months to get myself ready for this thing. I’ve struggled so much with getting back into running since my stress fracture so I knew I had to set a really big goal if I wanted to start running again. Right now I can only run a very painful 11 minute mile, but I know that sometime during this long and hard training process, I’ll fall back in love with the sport that consumed my life for four years and I’m so excited for that moment! I can’t wait to check the very first race off of my Marathon Bucket List!

This year has been a big one for me personally and for Xo, Kate Day and I know that the next year will bring even more excitement and opportunities. Thank you to everyone who has followed along and supported my blogging, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Happy Birthday Xo, Kate Day! Here’s to one whole year of blogging, and to many many more to come!


Kate Day

4 thoughts on “A Little Life Update & Xo, Kate Day’s First Birthday!

  1. Wow a year has come and gone … congratulations on a very successful year. Here is to the future years … I wish you the excitement of expanding horizons and the learning about new things, places and people.
    All my interest and love, KK

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  2. I’m constantly amazed by all the incredible experiences College Fashionista offers. I’d love to get involved with College Fashionista, but I’m still in high school. Do you know if it’s possible for me to get involved?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sophie, I believe that right now CF just accepts college students to be community members so right now the only ways to get involved are by following along on social media and checking their website. However, you can apply to be a community member the summer before your freshman year of college! Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂


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