Back to School Outfit Inspo


If you’ve been keeping up with my blog this summer, you’ve heard a thing or two about Makenzie. We spent all summer shooting together but when August came, we realized we were running out of time to take some amazing blog photos featuring both of us. Thankfully, Audrey came to the rescue. The three of us spent a morning in Downtown Williamston taking one final photoshoot of the summer and it was a blast! I am so unbelievably in love with how the photos turned out, Audrey did such an amazing job! Be sure to check her out here!


Outfit wise, Kenzie and I decided to style looks that you can catch us wearing around campus. Both of our outfits are perfect ways to showcase our own personal style while still being comfortable and casual enough for the classroom. You know I love to show my readers how I re-wear pieces so I paired my beloved overalls (seen in this post) with a gingham tank top from, where else but TJ Maxx. To finish it off, I chose my brand new adidas (look familiar?) and my usual go-to accessories; black and gold sunnies, big hoop earrings, and my XO, Kate Day necklace. Kenzie styled her band T-Shirt with the most amazing patched skinnies, adidas superstars, and bold sunglasses.



I decided to keep this post short and sweet to really let these amazing photos shine. Be sure to head over to Kenzie’s blog to check out her post on the same shoot!


Kate Day

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