Couture Week Catch Up: Fall 2017

Hello Readers! Sorry for being MIA last week, with a crazy busy work week, a family wedding, and a shoot for my upcoming article with CollegeFashionista, I neglected my blog more than I would’ve liked to. But don’t worry, I’m back just in time to discuss the most important week of the year; COUTURE WEEK!!!!

If you’ve been following my blogging journey for a while now, you may remember my Couture Week Catch Up post I shared after the spring season. Since couture is arguably my favorite aspect of the fashion industry I decided to make Couture Week Catch Up my first series on Xo, Kate Day! Now, twice a year after every Paris Couture Week, I’ll be recapping my favorite shows. I’ve narrowed it down to four designers this season and have linked the entire collections in the designers names if you want to all the magic (you know you do). So let’s begin!


I absolutely cannot talk about couture without talking about Elie Saab, one of my all time favorite designers. I can never find another word to describe couture other than “magical” but Elie Saab’s work is on a completely different level. Saab’s characteristic attention to detail, flowing silhouettes, and the impeccable embellishments leave me awestruck every show without fail. This season was no different, with inspiration coming from kingdoms falling to fearless female warriors. Adorned in rich colors, heavy embellishments, velvets, feathers, headbands, capes, and veils these, weren’t your everyday warrior princesses. Yet in all their poise and beauty, this season’s Elie Saab girls appeared strong and empowered, a true testament to Saab’s creative genius.


Not all heroes wear capes. Maria Grazia Chiuri doesn’t but she’s still my hero. As the first women creative director of Dior, Maria has continued to pack a punch of girl power into each of her collections ever since the introduction of the now iconic “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirt from her debut Dior show. This season, traditional menswear fabrics were transformed into gowns and coats that seemed simultaneously romantic and tough, proving that Dior girls are not girls to be messed with. Not to mention the collection focused on the roots of the Dior house, finding inspiration in Mr. Christian Dior’s post war world travels and his autobiography. Map motifs and sunglasses resembling vintage pilot goggles reinforce this theme. Bonus points because the runway itself felt like a safari, complete with larger than life model animals.


This season, Ralph & Russo was a metallic lover’s dream. The couture confections that graced the runway shimmered from head to toe. The color story was unbelievable too, going from white to gray to entire pastel rainbow. The use of beautiful, glistening embellishments, silks, chiffons, and feathers made each gown feel as tho it was fit for a fairytale princess. Even the gunmetal gray dresses seemed soft, regal, and delicate. Also can we just talk about the rose gold silk gown at the top right for a second? I’m DYING! If that gown was mine there’s absolutely no way I’d ever take it off, it’s just so breathtaking.


Sometimes the best thing about couture is how crazy it can be. The Viktor & Rolf collection was the wildest, most out of the box collection I’ve witnessed to date. The bobbleheads/puppets/I don’t even know what to call them that the models wore for the first half of the show were unexpected, unique, and whimsical not to mention a totally captivating way to start the show. Also the puffer jackets turned gowns were a fantastic, tongue and cheek take on Winter couture. As crazy as they are, I absolutely loved the structured ski coats and hope they catch on this season in a more ready-to-wear manner.

And there you have it folks! My Fall/Winter 2017 Couture Week Catch Up! Be sure to head over to (where I found all these beautiful pictures and background info on the collections) if you want to see other amazing collections from this season!!


Kate Day

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