Polka Dots, Snake Skin, and Stripes Oh My!

I’m back! Look at ya girl saying she wants to try to have new content weekly and actually sticking to it for once! This week on Xo, Kate Day I’d like to welcome you to my little class, Mixing Prints 101.

Joking! I am by no means a mixing print expert. I’m normally a black on black, white on white, or if we’re getting really ~fancy~ a denim on denim kinda gal. I jumped way out of my comfort zone with this look and it surprisingly worked, if I do say so myself.

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These shorts caught my eye while I was unpacking and realized I neglected to bring them to college. I just knew I had to make an outfit around them. Fun fact about these babies: I bought them as a middle schooler because they fit over the back brace I wore for my scoliosis and somehow made that huge hunk of plastic super flattering. Now, five years later, I’ve finally regrown into them sans brace (and my spine is a tiny bit straighter yay !!!).

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While the button and stripe combo on the shorts is so cute, it’s tricky because they can look super nautical/costumey real fast. I knew I had to keep my top extremely simple, like my ride or die, plain white T-shirt level simple. But that was a little too boring, so I decided to do something WILD and take my accessories up a notch.

First came the ascot/bandana/scarf/whatever you want to call it thing. I tried it on jokingly thinking I’d look straight off a page from a Halloween costume catalogue, but to my surprise, it lowkey looked good. The subtle navy dots on the scarf and the stripes on shorts complemented each other and gave off a super fun, whimsy vibe.

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As whimsical as my outfit was looking, it was missing my usual edginess. That’s where the snakeskin boots came in. Not going to lie, the thought of adding a third print had my inner minimalist feeling a little queezy. But to my surprise again, it looked so good! These boots definitely were not made for walking (they are horrendously uncomfortable) but they sure are a game changer. Not to mention I snagged them for $15 at the love of my life, the fire of my soul, the one, the only Target (I hope you read that as tar-jay because that is exactly how I pronounce it).

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After that, I threw on a few bracelets and a couple coats of mascara, curled my hair, made sure my highlight was popping, and we were gucci.

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So here’s the takeaway I learned from this big ole thing.

  1. Mixing prints isn’t scary when you stick to the same color family. The navy, white, and neutral pallete these prints have in common keeps them from over powering each other.
  2. Same goes for size. The prints I chose are all smaller-scale and on the subtler side.
  3. Play it by ear. Try a few wild pieces together even if you think it’ll look crazy. You can’t knock it till you try it.
  4. Just do you. Forget what I just said. If you want to pair stripes with stripes or giant red florals with purple polka dots, do it girl. The one thing I’ve learned this week is you can be surprised by what prints work together.

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And there you have it folks, Mixing Prints 101.


Kate Day

3 thoughts on “Polka Dots, Snake Skin, and Stripes Oh My!

  1. Kate, my talented grand-niece,
    What a delightful project you have here! I love the whimsy of your writing, the fun approach to fashion and the personality in your modeling. You’re so beautiful!
    PS. I have a personal penchant for polkadots, too! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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