Chicago, Year One

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Hello hello! It’s been way longer than I would’ve liked but I’m finally back to blogging. As of today, I’ve been home for a month and I’m finally (almost kinda sorta) unpacked and back in the swing of things. But, before I dive into summer related blog content I wanted to share one final school related post.

This year was a big one for me. I got to make the first place I ever called home home again and that was an unbelievably amazing feeling. First semester, I fell in love with a coffee shop near Lincoln Park and visited it so many times. It wasn’t until February, when my mom was in town and we went to visit said coffee shop, that I learned the church across the street was where I was baptized and a on street that I passed so many times on my way to the coffee shop, was the first house I ever lived in. Driving back to Loyola after winter break, my dad pointed out all the streets he lived on during his years in the city and we even drove up to Evanston to try to find the house he lived in while getting his masters at Northwestern. Discovering all the history I have in Chicago was one of the coolest feelings in the world but it was equally incredible to make my own story here by finding my own places and having my own adventures. Obviously, adjusting to change is never easy and college is hard, but going to school in the city has been such a great experience. Living in a city has helped me to become more independent and discover so much more about myself, like the fact that I actually love coffee. Another amazing thing I discovered is my love for photography, and Chi Town has been the perfect place to learn how to be behind the camera. As cliche as it is, I grew so much this year and am so so grateful to Chicago for that.


Even more important than the city though, were the five girls I met on my floor during the first few weeks of school. I can’t imagine having anyone else by my side through all the rides on the L, adventures downtown, shopping sprees at water tower forever 21, damen dining hall disappointments, and finals week mental breakdowns. Thanks for tagging me in the most hilarious Facebook posts, Instagram stalking restaurants downtown with me, allowing me to dress you in ridiculous denim outfits all in the name of my photography final (which you can see in the pictures !!!!!), putting up with my tears when Niall Horan dropped Slow Hands, always being down for ice cream, and for being the best bffs a girl could ask for. Allison, Kelsey, Maria, Sam and Tarah you guys are the GOATS and the ultimate girl gang and I can’t wait for year two by your side.


So to Chicago and to my seventh floor girls, I love you and miss you like crazy but cannot wait to make more mems next time we’re all together. Here’s to Chicago Year One, the next one can’t come soon enough.


Kate Day


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