Couture Week Catch Up

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Paris is buzzing, the street style stars come out to play, and our favorite front row frequent flyers can be spotted back in their natural habitat. Paris Couture Week, the kickoff to my favorite holiday–Fashion Month, is upon us. I’ve been refreshing Vogue’s website like it’s my job this past week and as the final day comes to a close, I thought I’d share some opinions. The runways were unbelievable this season so deciding which shows to feature was an insanely difficult task. However, I’ve narrowed it down to my four favorite collections and my four favorite trends that I spotted. Be sure to click the designers’ names to see the full collection!



Oh Karl, you did it again didn’t you? I’ve never met a Chanel collection I didn’t like (or livestreamed a Chanel show I didn’t like for that matter). This collection was so on point. Sparkles, feathers and classic Chanel suits, I’m so in! Karl Lagerfeld never ceases to amaze me with his ability to reinvent classics time and time again. He’s my hero, tbh.

Victor & Rolf

It’s no secret that I love fashion and how it can make one feel. Wearing or viewing a garment can invoke so many feelings and I honestly think that is the coolest thing in the world. I believe that it’s what fashion is all about! The Victor & Rolf collection strengthened that belief. Watching it, all I could think was “THIS IS SO FUN” and it really is. I can’t think of another word to describe it. Just good ole’ fashion fun. I had a smile on my face from start to finish.


A very, very long time ago, my grandmother gave me a book of Elsa Schiaparelli paper dolls that featured her most famous looks and described the history of the house. I was entranced and inspired by the whimsical, surreal creations and have cherished the book ever since (you can bet I took it to college with me). But more than just playing with the paper dolls, this book gave me a longtime love for the Schiaparelli house. Even though the house is definitely more under-the-radar than it was back when Elsa was still alive, the collections still pack a punch of fun into the fashion world and I am still 300% obsessed.

Elie Saab

I don’t even know where to begin talking about this. It is hands down my favorite collection of the week and possibly my favorite Eli Saab collection ever (and this girl LOVES Eli Saab). This collection served classic, cool-girl vibes like it was its job. The styling was so on point, making models look fresh out of the sixties but simultaneously kept with the classic, embellished  Eli Saab aesthetic. And The color palette? Don’t get me started. Royal blue, baby blue, nude and sparkles? It’s just TOO good. Eli Saab is simply a Haute Couture Legend.


Over the Knee Boots

Never fear, it looks as though our favorite shoe trend is here to stay. Phew! Over the knee boots what would I do without you? However the staple boots are no longer just neutral colored. Check out those electric Schiaparelli boots on the left and right. I’m inspired. And those bedazzled Chanel ones in the center? Yep, Karl Lagerfeld went there and I am for it.


I’ve always been a feather lover (have I ever owned a feather covered item? No, not since my feather boa days. But maybe one day I’ll bring them back) and have always been waiting for feathers to have the moment in the fashion world. My hopes became a reality because Eli Saab (on the left and right) and Chanel (center) delivered. Eli Saab used feathers as an accent on their already heavily embellished concoctions while feathers were the show stopper on the Chanel runway. Either way, I’m obsessed with this trend.

Baby Blue

Another trend I noticed on the runways this year was color. While there was an abundant range of color, one in particular caught my eye; baby blue. Maybe years of wearing this color all day every day as part of my high school uniform has trained my eyes, but baby blue always grabs my attention. After seeing so much of it, it’s becoming my favorite color of the season (which is surprising considering how much time I spent in a blue plaid skirt).  Baby blue has proven to be such a versatile color. It can go from fun and playful a la Victor & Rolf (left and right) to timeless and elegant a la Eli Saab (center). Is baby blue the new black?

The Pantsuit 2.0

The pantsuit is back and better that ever. This is not your grandma’s (or politician’s for that matter) pantsuit. It is new and improved and it is A LOOK. It’s no secret that ever since Hillary Clinton made the pantsuit her election season staple, the fashion world has taken up an interest in them as well. But the haute couture pantsuit hybrid? Unexpected, refreshing, and so cool. The head to toe sequin look from Chanel (center) is killer. I’m praying Asos knocks it off soon. But my favorites are the Eli Saab ones. The trains on these jackets take an average pantsuit up 5,000 notches making them Hollywood It-girl appropriate. Here’s to hoping Sarah Jessica Parker rocks one on the Oscar’s red carpet.

And there you have it, folks. My personal review on Paris Couture week but be sure to stay tuned, Fashion Month is just starting and so am I.


Kate Day

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