A Great Girls Day in Grand Rapids

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This week on Xo, Kate Day I’m dishing the scoop on how I spent one of my favorite days of winter break. One of my best friends, Emilee, goes to a school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is only an hour drive from our hometown. My other best friend, Anna, and I did not go back to school until a week after so we drove down to Emilee’s new stomping grounds and spent one last Friday together.

We’d been planning our girl’s day for the entirety of winter break and came up with one main objective; ice skating at an outdoor rink. Our idea seemed all fine and dandy considering Emilee has taken skating lessons before and Anna just discovered a newfound love for the ice. The only hitch in our situation was that I had failed to mention to my friends that I can’t skate to save my life until after I had taken my first wobbling step onto the ice and stumbled right into the guard rail surrounding the ice. After doing an entire loop around the rink without letting go of the rail once, my friends brought me the little skating assistant (that was definitely designed for five year olds, mind you) but even that proved to be a challenge (and I’m sure quite the spectacle for any onlookers). All in all, I probably took 10 steps by myself, and 9 of them were probably to take these pictures, but I still had an absolute blast.


After our skating adventure, we had coffee and warmed ourselves up at Madcap, a Grand Rapids staple, then decided to whip out the camera and have a photoshoot as we wandered around downtown.


Even though we were freezing to death, I begged and begged the girls to let me take some headshots of them before we jumped in the car and headed back to Em’s dorm and I am loving how they turned out. Aren’t my crazy bffs the cutest? Ugh, I love them so much.


Well, that’s all for now guys! I hope you enjoyed reading about my day with these two. See you next week!


Kate Day


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