Playing Fashion Police

If you’re like me, you live for Awards Season. But it’s not the Award Shows I live for, it’s the red carpet. So much couture in one place. Millions of dollars of diamonds dripping off of the celebrities. The ever so famous “Who are you wearing?” question, it’s music to my ears. I love to guess the designers of each gown and the collections they come from before the famous question is answered. I analyze the head to toe look, taking account for the hair, makeup, gown, jewels, and even the littlest glimpse of the shoes, like it’s my job. I really should be a Fashion Police. E! if you’re reading this, hire me.

While I can’t go on Fashion Police right this minute, I figured I’d use this new blogging platform to share my own personal opinions, after all, the looks at this year’s Golden Globes were too good not to review. However, let’s save the best for last and start with worsts of this year’s red carpet.



Brie Larson

Ok, is this look that bad? No. It’s pretty, I’ll give her that. But this is Brie Larson, who stole the show and dropped jaws in her gold sparkling Golden Globes dress last year. She was the ‘One to Watch’ last year on the red carpet so considering that, I think this dress is a snooze. Great prom dress inspiration though!


Janelle Moané

I give a girl props for designing her own outfit, that’s a risk. But I don’t think this risk payed off. While I love a good boatneck and cap sleeve, and I find the silhouette somewhat intriguing, I think this looks like an arts and crafts project. There’s just something about the combination of sequins, and the large circular disks, and the tulle that looks homemade to me. Plus the coordinating hair and shoes throw me for a loop.


Nicole Kidman

I find this Shipwreck inspired Alexander McQueen dress quite ironic because personally, I think it’s kind of a wreck. Actually, I really love the bodice and the skirt and I find the beading breathtaking. The visible corset, amazing. Hair, makeup, simple jewelry, so good. But those sleeves? What? I’m confused. I find them to be droopy and depressing. And the finger covering fringe? It’s just odd. It’s a pity because without those sleeves, Nicole Kidman’s look would be way up there. The sleeves just ruin it for me.



Lily Collins

I figured I’d start with my favorites that were pretty much universally well liked. Lily Collins looked like an absolute princess in this dress and I’m living for it. The red lip, the matching rosy eye makeup, That braided bun, it’s a complete slay.


Mandy Moore

There were a lot of plunging necklines on the red carpet last weekend and a lot of them did not work, but this did. The sheer navy color is refreshing and the flowing skirt and cape sleeves make Mandy Moore look like a literal queen. The minimal jewels (Ok those earrings aren’t exactly minimal) and simply gorgeous hair and makeup keep Mandy looking classically elegant.


Emma Stone

I love Valentino. I love Emma Stone. This is a match made in my personal fashion Heaven. The stars on this dress are absolutely breathtaking and I love the La La Land ‘City of Stars’ reference. So spot on. I think this pale pink is a perfect neutral shade on Emma but I think the sparkling embellishments make this dress a total wow moment. There’s almost too much Old Hollywood glam to process and it’s too good.


Michelle Williams

Now onto my more controversial favorites. I heard mixed reviews on this look but I am so for it. This pale, icy blue dress is one of my favorite colors (throwback to my senior prom dress, it was almost exactly this shade) and it looks stunning against Michelle Williams’ fair skin and platinum hair.  Michelle got a lot of criticism for her choker  but I think it’s the cherry on top of this look. The simple choker is so on trend and adds an unexpected twist to the look. 10/10 would wear this ensemble if I was given the opportunity.



Jessica Biel

The second I saw Jessica Biel my jaw dropped. I love everything about it. It’s so unique but at the same time, completely on trend. From the slicked back hair, to the belt buckle, to the colorful appliqués, this look is so unbelievably spot on I can’t.


Olivia Cuplo

And finally, my absolute favorite look of the night goes to Olivia Cuplo. Wow, just wow. This Zuhair Murad dress is a work of art. The floral beaded top, the high neck, the unexpected cutout, THE HAND PAINTED SKIRT, the ball gown silhouette, it may be the most beautiful gown I’ve ever seen. But it just keeps getting better. The braided undo, the reddish brown smoky eye, the deep nude lips, and those statement earrings, THIS IS A LOOK and I am 110 percent behind it. Olivia Cuplo never lets me down. You go girl, you go.

Maybe you agree with my personal picks and maybe you don’t (because that’s totally fine!!)  but I hope you enjoyed reading my opinions on this year’s Golden Globes red carpet! I plan to do this for every red carpet so stay tuned!


Kate Day

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